We would like to express our sincere gratitute to all policy makers and individuals who have contributed to the work of the Patient Access Partnership as speakers at our events, actively participating in a variety of discussions, workstream meetings, and giving us strategic advice.

Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner of Health & Food Safety

Dr. Petar Moskov, Bulgarian Minister of Health

Maria Iglesia, Head of Unit of Healthcare systems, DG SANTE, European Commission

Artur Carvalho, DG SANTE, European Commission 

Nathalie Chaze, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Commisioner of Health and Food Safety

Thomas Heynisch, DG Enterprise and Industry

Karin Krauss, DG Enterprise and Industry

Tom Verheaghe, Ministry of Health, Belgium

Dessislava Dimitrova, former Chair of the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee of the WHO Europe 

Kyriakos Souliotis, University of Peloponnese

Eirini Agapidaki, University of Peloponnese

Ekaterina Karamfilova, former Assistant to MEP Dr. Andrey Kovatchev

Christine Marking, Independent health consultant

Tamsin Rose, Independent health consultant

Bernie Merkel, Independent health consultant

Rostislava Dimitrova, Independent health consultant

Prof. Dr. Bahadir Gulluoglu, Senaturk – Turkish academy of senology

Annika Ahtonen, Policy analyst

Petru Luhan, former MEP

Antoniya Parvanova, former MEP

Frank Niggemeier, Head of Division EU Health Policy, EU Council

Dr. Staicu Mihaela, Jules Bordet Institute