This website has been developed as part of an initiative of the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) entitled “Model Access Solutions”.

We aim to identify and promote selected evidence-based, workable solutions for better access to healthcare. The overall goal is to provide Member States and different stakeholders with а web-based repository of models of excellence in the field of access, supplemented by a dedicated workshop, to explore how they can be replicated by stakeholders and/or scaled on local, regional, or national level in other EU Member States.


  1. Identify best practice initiatives aimed at improving access to healthcare for patients and showcase them in a web-based repository so that they do not remain localized.
  2. Hold 1 dedicated meeting / webinar per cycle to discuss how these best practice initiatives can be replicated by stakeholders in other countries and/or scaled on local, regional, or national level in the country of origin or another Member State.
  3. Work closely with the MEP Interest Group on Equitable Access to convey powerful and clear messages about the role of the European Union in encouraging the systematic uptake of the existing best practice examples.