In view of the ongoing exchange between EU Member States and the European Commission on the […]
We are eager to welcome you to our forthcoming conference: “The future of health – Advancing […]
PACT Annual Report 2018 PACT Annual Work Plan 2018
Brussels, 20 June 2018 The Patient Access Partnership, a patient-led multi-stakeholder network for better access to […]
PACT Annual Report 2017 PACT Annual Work Plan 2017
Brussels, 2 December In response to the statement signed by more than 80 MEPs calling for continued EU […]
Brussels, 12 September 2017, European Parliament More than 80 Members of the European Parliament from all major political […]
The Patient Access Partnership (PACT) warmly welcomes the efforts made by the European Commission in the field […]
In view of the recent dynamics in the EU and the discussions stemming from the White […]
On June 8, the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) and the Lithuanian Cancer Patient Coalition (POLA) held […]