As a brand new mandate takes us into the third decade of the 21st Century and […]
Join us at our multi- stakeholder health conference in July 2019 taking place just after the […]
On February 25, the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) in partnership with Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos […]
A meeting of the European Parliament Interest Group on Patient Access to Healthcare, organised jointly with […]
In a meeting held in the European Parliament on 5 December, the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) […]
Brussels, 20 June 2018 The Patient Access Partnership, a patient-led multi-stakeholder network for better access to […]
In the past months, PACT and some of its Partners have worked together to organise a […]
In response to the statement signed by more than 80 MEPs calling for continued EU engagement in healthcare, […]
The Patient Access Partnership (PACT) warmly welcomes the recent Country Health Profiles and Companion report, published as part of the […]
On November 20, the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) and the Coalition of Organisations of Patients with […]