Join us for the upcoming event of PACT and the MEP Interest Group on Equitable Access to Healthcare, entitled:   which will take place on 12 October, (15:00 – 16:30 CET) in Hybrid format at ASP5G315 room at the European Parliament and Online at Microsoft Teams.

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Health PACT Recommendation: Reduce inequalities by aiming at universal, people-centered, high-quality health care services to all people in Europe regardless of which EU country they live in or their socio-economic status.

Topic: Leaving no one behind – achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, through the lens of health and vice versa.

Purpose: Present key data regarding overcoming barriers in access for vulnerable populations, present examples of initiatives with practical solutions and provide a platform to stakeholders to share their experiences and their commitment to addressing this issue collectively, in striving for “One Health” in Europe – and translating the Sustainable Development Goal on health and universal access into reality, through collaboration and synergies.