Join us for the first Webinar from the series Time to Act! entitled: “Access to quality Health & care: Evaluate, Improve & Futureproof”, which will take place online on Tuesday, March 22, from 10:00 to 11:30 CET.

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This will be the opening event of a series of thematic webinars entitled “The Future of Health: Time to Act”. The initiative is continuation of The Health PACT (the conclusion document of the Future of Health Conference – 2019).

The first event of the series will focus on the access findings within the State of Health in the EU report and the “FutureProofing Healthcare for all European citizens: A vision for building the EU’s role in healthcare”, а vision paper build up by the Expert Panel of the FutureProofing Healthcare Initiative, submitted to the portal of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The aim will be to define actions, which will allow all stakeholders to better collaborate in building the future and advancing the European health agenda and well-being, realizing the paradigm “health is wealth for All and vice versa”.

Other main topics on the agenda, which will contribute towards a fruitful discussion, are identified as:
▪ Accomplishments on EU health initiatives since the pandemic and what comes next
▪ State of access to health in the EU and what are the key findings and lessons learned
▪ FutureProofing Healthcare initiative, key trends, and scenarios
▪ Improving access to quality health and care for European citizens and next steps
▪ Call for enhanced multi-stakeholder cooperation and actions to advance timely patient access, through sustainable innovation

We truly hope that this opening webinar, and first from the series to follow ‘Time to Act’ will turn into a successful consensus-seeking exercise, a solution-driven dialogue, for the purpose of aligning positions on key issues and proposing actions and related commitment.

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