On June 24th, 2015, took place the meeting organized by the MEPs Interest Group on Access to Healthcare “Creating Synergies between the access to healthcare agendas at EU level” and was chaired by MEP Andrey Kovatchev. The meeting was held in the European Parliament and gathered together co-chairing MEPs, EC representatives, APAs, Health attaches and healthcare stakeholders.

The meeting offered the opportunity for decision-makers and stakeholders at the European level to engage in a constructive dialogue and discuss how synergies between the “access to healthcare” agendas can be created.

Keynote speaker at the event  was Prof. Kyriakos Souliotis from the University of Peloponnese, who presented the methodology and objectives of the on-going mapping exercise initiated by the PACT. It is aimed at assessing access to healthcare barriers in the EU28 and supporting the Member States in improving the efficiency of their healthcare systems.

You can read more information in the following link.