The Patient Access Partnership (PACT) is delighted to inform you that the Regional Conference of PACT will be held on 12-13 September 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The conference is organised by the National Patients’ Organisation – Bulgaria in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Patients’ Forum (EPF). The two-day will welcome PACT affiliates from the countries in the CEE region (Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, including Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey).

We look forward to welcoming one representative of the national affiliates of PACT’s Partners in the following categories: umbrella patient organisations; associations of doctors, nurses and pharmacists; industry associations (innovative, generic and medical technology); public health advocacy NGOs. Government officials will be invited separately.

The Regional Conference will provide the ground for highlighting best practice examples of cooperation at regional and national level; moreover, it will expose cases where obstacles and challenges have hindered such efforts. Other main topics on the agenda will include the implications and significance of the European Semester, the prospects for optimal use of the EU structural funds to improve health systems performance as well as the added value of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Please note that due to the wide scale representation that we aim for and the limited capacity of the event, the official invitations will be sent to selected participants only.

Finally, stay tuned for more updates coming shortly about the Regional conference of PACT on our website, Twitter and in the next newsletter.