Brussels, 12 September 2017, European Parliament

More than 80 Members of the European Parliament from all major political groups signed a statement calling for continued EU action in the field of health and enhanced cooperation between EU Member States.

The statement was put forward as a follow-up initiative to a recent event of the MEP Interest Group on Access to Healthcare and the Patient Access Partnership (PACT), entitled “Future Scenarios for the EU: What role for Healthcare?”which addressed the role of healthcare in future scenarios for the EU and the possibilities to strengthen and improve it.

The publication of the “White Paper on the Future of Europe” earlier this year marked the starting point of a wide-ranging and undoubtedly long delayed debate on the future direction of the EU which raised concerned about the prospect of reducing EU engagement in the area of healthcare. This stands in contrast to the the demands of the Europeans who want to see the EU doing more in healthcare (Eurobarometer survey, 2017).