Chairperson, Bulgarian National Patients′ Organization (NPO)

Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev is one of the founders and current Chairperson of the Bulgarian National Patients’ Organization (NPO) – the biggest patients’ umbrella organization in Bulgaria. Dr. Hasardzhiev has over a decade of experience in working with patients and advocacy work in the patient movement. In 2011 and 2015, he represents the Bulgarian patients in the Supervisory Board of the National Health Insurance Fund.

Dr. Hasardzhiev is also the Chairperson of the National Association for Fighting Hepatitis “Hepasist”. As of May 2013, Dr. Hasardzhiev is a board member of the European Patients’ Forum as well as a member of several other regional and international organisations and networks, e.g. World Hepatitis Alliance, European Community Advisory Board, International Capacity Building Alliance and others.

He is one of the initiators and founding members of the joint initiative of the European Patients’ Forum and the Bulgarian National Patients’ Organisation – the Patient Access Partnership – a multi stakeholder platform for finding innovative solutions to reduce inequities in access to healthcare in Europe.

Since March 2015, Dr. Hasardzhiev serves as a Secretary of the National “Health Partnership” – a permanent consultative body to the Bulgarian Council of Ministers which gathers together all stakeholders in health.