Anna Maria Żakowicz is Deputy Bureau Chief and Director of Programs at AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

In her work, she focuses on implementation of people-centered care approaches in HIV testing, treatment and care and prevention. She is committed to putting into practice concepts of integration, task-shifting, user-driven care and patients’ involvement in co-production of care. She believes that every person should receive loving and caring health services. She works across Europe; Eastern Europe has a special place in her heart.

She serves on the Board of Trustees of AIDSFonds. Equity and access to quality HIV treatment and care were the issues she was addressing while serving as a co-chair of Global Network of People Who Live with HIV (GNP+), Civil Society Forum on HIV (CSF), a chair of European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) and a board member of Medicines Patent Pool (MPP).

Ms Żakowicz has a background in humanities and public health. She received her MA from Silesian University and MIH from University of Copenhagen.