Lynne is a member of several patient advocacy movements and organizations, including EPF (European Patients Forum) and IAPO (International Alliance of Patient Organizations).

She has organized several workshops and given numerous presentations at major international scientific and patient advocacy organization events. A member of the Steering Group MedTech – Patient Dialogue as an EPF representative.  She has participated in several programs like the Integrated Care Model for Chronic Conditions and Active and Healthy Ageing initiatives. She became a Board member of EFGCP in April 2016 and Vice –President as from March 2017. She sits on a number of EFGCP working groups. She participated in the first EUPATI workshop of patient advocate experts in Frankfurt in September 2012 and actively participates in EUPATI.

Lynne became the President of WFIP – World Federation for Incontinent Patients in January 2011: an international umbrella organization dedicated to enhancing the rights of patients suffering from incontinence and all forms of bladder weakness and related pelvic floor dysfunction in general, including pelvic pain.  In this capacity the latest initiatives include collaborative agreements with both the European Association of Urology and the International Continence Society relating to patient advocacy issues and a Patient Platform.  Also until April 2016, chairperson of the ICP – Netherlands Interstitial Cystitis Patients’ Organization (member of CG-Raad; Council for Chronically Sick and Disabled). In January 2017 she became a member of the ‘Core Board’ for one of the EIP –AHA Focus groups led by the University of Valencia, Spain.

Lynne worked for Shell in the Netherlands for 23 years and has a BA degree from the UK and Drs. Degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands.