We believe that patients across the EU are entitled to equal opportunity to enjoy the highest attainable quality of health services and care.

1. Patient-centred

We are driven by patient-centred, non-discriminatory approach to healthcare policies which uphold the right to health for all.

2. Holistic

We employ a holistic approach in addressing access to healthcare which recognises the importance of all five elements of access, as defined by PACT: availability, adequacy, accessibility, affordability, appropriateness.

3. Collaborative

We endorse a meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement approach to ensure consideration of various perspectives on access to healthcare in a spirit of mutual recognition and understanding.

4. Informative

We believe in dialogue, cooperation and exchange of best practices as a means to identify challenges, transfer knowledge and avoid overlaps in efforts to address the disparities in access across the EU.

5. Innovative

We are committed to working together to develop inclusive, innovative and sustainable solutions for improving the coherence between EU-led and national policies on healthcare.

6. Transparent

We conduct activities in accordance with the principles of accountability and transparency of governance, funding and communication.