Founding members

The founding members of the Patient Access Partnership are the European Patients′ Forum and the Bulgarian National Patients′ Organization as mandated by the partners at the Partners′ Assembly, held in December 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

According to the Constitution of PACT, Partners are all actors who actively contribute to the work of the Partnership. PACT is open to a wide range of European and national associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and their representatives, private sector, legal entities and individual experts, and other stakeholders. Partners are identified according to the needs of the PACT and its activities.

The Steering committee consists of the Chairperson, the Secretary-General and up to 5 partners appointed by the Partnership Assembly. The term of office of the members of the Steering Committee is two years and can be renewed.

An interim Steering Committee was appointed at the Partners′ Assembly in December 2014 with a mandate to establish the organisation in its first year of operation, and to initiate and support the workstreams. A full Steering Committee will be nominated for a 2 year period at the next Partnership Assembly meeting at the end of 2015.

Partnership Assembly

The Partnership Assembly consists of all the partners of PACT. The Partnership Assembly proposes and appoints up to five members to the Steering Committee of PACT, adopts the annual working plan, budget, annual report and workstreams.

The Partners′ Assembly takes place each December.