According to the Constitution of the PATIENT ACCESS PARTNERSHIP, Partners are all actors who actively contribute to the work of the PARTNERSHIP. The PARTNERSHIP is open to a wide range of European and national associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations and their representatives, private sector, legal entities and individual experts, and other stakeholders. Partners are identified according to the needs of the PATIENT ACCESS PARTNERSHIP and its activities. The PARTNERSHIP will keep a public up-to-date list of all Partners, their role and participation in the activities and the period for which the Partner has been involved.

Partners are identified and involved in the PATIENT ACCESS PARTNERSHIP according to the criteria and the procedures written in the Internal Regulations.

Partner status is granted only for the period of the activity where the partner is actively involved.

Unless confirmed in written form, the Partners are in no way responsible/obliged to comply with any official correspondence, document, report from a working group, and public statements by legal representatives of the PATIENT ACCESS PARTNERSHIP. The PARTNERSHIP is not responsible for any actions, statements etc. of its individual partners.