We are eager to welcome you to our forthcoming conference: “The future of health – Advancing the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in Europe” taking place at the Novotel Brussels City Center (Rue de la Vierge Noire 32) on 11 and 12 of July!

The institutional renewal during 2019 offers a crucial opportunity for the stakeholders in health to advocate for the central role of health in European Policy. As an inherently collaborative organization, PACT has built upon cooperation among stakeholders from its very beginning, and with this conference, we bring together a variety of partners across sectors, from the several Member States to discuss and reaffirm the importance and our commitment to health, and the need for strong EU collaboration for health.

Building on the discussions on the future of health, learning from your shared views on how to overcome the challenges of the past, and to build more comprehensive policies in the future, we will launch the #HealthPACT during session III of the event. This conclusion document will outline our shared vision, our shared responsibilities, and the actions needed to improve access to health thus advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda in Europe!

We welcome the comments and feedback from our partners and the various health stakeholders to this document which will be further enriched around the context of the conference.

If you are unable to attend the conference, please stay tuned for live-streaming through our YouTube channelour website and follow any outcomes via @PACT_eu.



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Our mission

The activities of the Patient Access Partnership are patient-focused. Information and knowledge transfer are a key requirement to identify gaps in and measure access to quality healthcare between and within member states. The Partnership will develop a tool to monitor and measure equity of access in member states on an on-going basis. Through holistic collaboration with relevant EU-led or national initiatives, the Partnership will provide a much needed space for creativity, coherence and collaboration and propose sustainable solutions.

Our vision

The Patient Access Partnership enables different health stakeholders to join forces to develop, drive and propose to the European Commission and the European Member States sustainable solutions to ensure equitable patients’ access to quality healthcare in the EU. Stakeholders will actively participate in delivering these solutions.