The new issue of The European Files magazine entitled “Medicines of the Future: How to Sustain Pharmaceutical Innovation and Improve Access and Affordability?” features articles of co-chairs of the MEP Interest Group on Access, supporting MEPs and PACT Partners. Among the number of key issues discussed are:

  • “Ensuring equal access and catering to the needs of patients in smaller EU Member States”, Dr. Andrey Kovatchev MEP
  • “Open Innovation for a Strong R&D network.”, Ms. Lieve Wierinick MEP
  • “Should affordability come from the European legislator?”, Ms. Karin Kadenbach, MEP
  • “Ensure that new treatments will reach patients equally in every corner of the EU”, Mr. Cristian Busoi, MEP
  • “Increased transparency in development and pediatric medical research processes”, Ms. Nessa Childers, MEP
  • “European Reference Networks: a way forward in the treatment of rare diseases”, Mr. Françoise Grossetete, MEP 
  • “Access to Quality Care: The Patients’ View”, Ms. Nicola Bedlington, EPF
  • “A positive agenda for better and affordable medicines in Europe”, Mr. Yannis Natsis, EPHA

To view all articles, please visit The European Files′ website.



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    Our mission

    The activities of the Patient Access Partnership are patient-focused. Information and knowledge transfer are a key requirement to identify gaps in and measure access to quality healthcare between and within member states. The Partnership will develop a tool to monitor and measure equity of access in member states on an on-going basis. Through holistic collaboration with relevant EU-led or national initiatives, the Partnership will provide a much needed space for creativity, coherence and collaboration and propose sustainable solutions.

    Our vision

    The Patient Access Partnership enables different health stakeholders to join forces to develop, drive and propose to the European Commission and the European Member States sustainable solutions to ensure equitable patients’ access to quality healthcare in the EU. Stakeholders will actively participate in delivering these solutions.