As a brand new mandate takes us into the third decade of the 21st Century and with a new EU Programming period on the horizon, healthcare and non-healthcare stakeholders will unite to co-create the future of health together with the current and future policy makers. We will define the collective priorities and actions that are needed to advance the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 in Europe, and ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all.


The conference will expand on the conclusions of the previous multi-stakeholder health conferences in Vilnius (2013) and Riga (2015), and it will be organized in collaboration with Finland’s presidency of the council of the European Union.


Building on the outcomes from the EP meeting under the auspices of the MEP Interest Group on access and the “Statement on the Future of Health in the European Union”, the event will address the need for stronger impetus on health policy and enhanced inter-sectoral, EU cooperation for equitable access to quality health for all EU patients and citizens.


The main topics on the agenda will provide an overview of existing successful initiatives at EU level while identifying the challenges and opportunities for future health cooperation. Participants will engage in in-depth discussions around the mechanisms and opportunities to overcome current challenges to patient access, through sustained and enhanced cooperation.





















This is a patient centred event and we

incorporate the experience and insights of

patients in the organization of the conference:



In collaboration with Finland’s presidency

of the council of the European Union:






11 & 12 July 2019

Novotel, Brussels City Centre 

Rue de la Vierge Noire 32

1000 Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +3226200428